The story in the video ...

You’re walking down the street thinking of someone. You get that feeling in your stomach. Like when you head over the drop of a roller coaster. You smile and and want throw your hands above your head and shout. 

Why do they make you feel this way. You’ve talked to them a few times and each time you can’t remember what the conversation was about because you were too mesmerized by how deep into forever their eyes seem to go.

You turn a corner. There they are ... the world goes silent all you can hear is their laugh from across the street. Then you see it. The casual kiss the head on the shoulder. The roller coaster comes to a sudden stop and the light flutter in your stomach is replaced by  the dull ache of an unseen fist. 

And now you know ... why they call it a crush.

- Sean Harley [Tucker] 

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