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S3E6 – The Magic of Collaboration

Collaboration is a tricky thing but the more you collaborate the bigger the rewards.

In today’s podcast I tell the story of Jason Webley who with the help of a group of his musician friends sold out an 800 seat theatre and raised $11,111 in two hours on Kickstarter. Collaboration is a tricky thing but when it works it’s magic. 

S3E5 – Leaving music and coming back again with David Andrew Wiebe

David Andrew Wiebe from is a musician, songwriter, podcaster and music entrepreneurship educator. David grew up in Japan but moved back to Canada for high school where he started playing guitar. Since then he has gone from playing 3 hours a day to just sometimes. Spent 12 years pursuing music as a career only to give it up to pursue more traditional entrepreneurial endeavours. But has recently found that the two paths are combining to create his current path. 

S3E4 – Everyone is creative

Everyone is creative. That is isn’t a belief I have. That isn’t something I have faith in. That is something I hold as fact with in me. Everyone is creative. 

S3E3 - Get good at everything or work with others. A Solveig Whittle interview.

Solveig started as a programmer at AT&T moving on to eventually become a Windows product manager at Microsoft and now is a teacher and musician. Known now online for her work in the music marketing circles as well as her music she is  currently working on her third album.

We talk about rock operas, music as performance art, how music and other creative work is like being in a startup, how writing music and writing software is similar and whether creativity can be taught or not. 

S3E2 – Money is a tool. Not a goal.

What is money for? Should you write ‘make money’ on your list of goals for your creative project? What is my favourite quote on the topic of money and creativity? I’d tell you here but there isn’t enough room. You may as well listen to this week’s episode to learn why Money is a tool. Not a goal. 

S3E1 – Stop Doing What Isn’t Working with Chris Seth Jackson

This week’s interview is with Chris Seth Jackson of but what we’ll learn is how after about 4 years of providing great content and value to musicians he’s decided to move on to a new venture.

S2E4 – Why The Journey To Your Art Is More Important Than The Art Itself

Having a completed project is all well and good but if you weren’t inspired by the process there is a good chance you won’t continue. In today’s episode we talk through the 3 main points of my family’s creative philosophy based on the two interviews I did with my mom and dad. 

S2E3 – Songs That Matter – Carolyn Harley

Songs That Matter is the theme of today’s podcast. Carolyn Harley (my mom) has been writing songs for almost 40 years. In this conversation we talk about what’s kept her writing, why despite having written almost 600 songs she considers herself a ‘Late Bloomer’ and the healing power of music and Songs That Matter. 

S2E2 – How using checklists can get you to your art quicker.

How using checklists can get you to your art quicker.

S2E1 – Nature Photographer and Bass Player – Joe Harley

Do you know what you are going to do when you retire? Do you know someone too focused on work and earning to fully enjoy life? Today’s podcast is Joe Harley who at the age of 50 decided to learn how to play bass guitar and nature photography now lives a happy, busy and fulfilling retirement. 

S1E7 – Feeling Like A Show-Off

I talk about how I fight with feeling like a show-off. I like doing things like singing and I’m fairly good at it. But when I do it in front of people I can feel like they are thinking “Look at that guy … showing off.” I then share some thoughts about why I think those feelings are fading. 

S1E6 – John Johnston – Improv Actor

John Johnston is an accomplished improvisational actor and business analyst. In this week’s episode we talk about the importance of constraints on the creative process. He tells a lovely story of going to theatre school with Kevin McKidd of Grey’s Anatomy. We also talk about the similarity of building software and putting on a performance. Plus some bonus talk about Harry Potter and I use the word ‘conflated’ when I didn’t mean too. 

S1E5 – Just Keep Doing It

I tell a story of what I think George Harrison would have done had he decided not to pursue a career in music after the Beatles broke up. 

S1E4 – Jonathan Ferguson – Singer-Songwriter

Jonathan Ferguson is a Singer-Songwriter from Calgary who works with me at my day job. We talk about songwriting, Jonathan’s passion for the Beatles and Nirvana.

S1E3 - Why I’m building a body of work rather than building a business

I was becoming paralyzed by the notion that I had to turn all of my projects into businesses. I found a way to simplify so I could get unstuck and start making things again.

S1E2 - Spencer Goldade - Web Designer and Illustrator

“The best way to get anything out of life is to enjoy it.” — Spencer Goldade

S0E0 - Obligitory Test Episode - The Spark And The Art

In this, the first and unofficial, episode of The Spark & The Art podcast Tucker speaks in a silly voice and plays his five song EP entitled Born To The World. 

Future episodes of this podcast will include interviews with creatives from all disciplines and career levels.