9 – How using checklists can get you to your art quicker.

How using checklists can get you to your art quicker.

How using checklists can get you to your art quicker.

I use checklists to speed up the things that are repetitive and have a lot of steps but when it comes time do actually start creating things do you think I still use them? 

Find out in today’s 3 min episode of the podcast.

Hi and welcome to the 9th episode of The Spark & The Art Podcast. I’m your host Tucker. 

In last week’s episode I talked with Joe Harley (my dad) about his journey through creativity and starting both music and photography in his 50s. This was the second time we recorded the interview because I had some issues with the recorder and the first recording wound up being 45 minutes of silence.

When I post my podcast episodes I’ve created a check-list that lists everything I need to do. I have the steps needed to add the podcast to my hosting company. Then I have a check-list of what I need to do to add the podcast to my website at TheSparkAndTheArt.com. Then I have a checklist of all the steps I need to do to create the email in my newsletter software. 

Now I’ll create a check-list that runs through the steps of how to set up the recorder to make sure everything goes well. Are the batteries full? Do I have the power adapter? Is the quality setting of the recording set correctly? Is there space on the memory card to record the whole interview? Is the mic input set for the kind of mic I’m using? 

Check-lists are pretty useful for keeping track of all the repetitive steps I do to get things done. But when I’m actually in the process of creating, writing or performing, I don’t have a check-list I just kind of let things happen and follow along where they go. 

Pilots use check-lists before they get in the plane to make sure all the equipment is working and safe. They have check-lists for take off and landing to make sure that everyone knows where they are and what they are doing. But, once they are in the sky the only thing left for them to do is fly. To enjoy the feeling of being in the sky and looking down at the earth as it skims past like a quilt. To aim for the fluffiest clouds or stare into the great blue expanse and dream of whatever it is pilots dream of when they are controlling their magical flying machines. 

This is where you get to do some thinking … What in your creative endeavours could be taken care of with a check-list? What are the receptive steps that you don’t want to have to think about each time? What do you need to get? What do you need to do? What about your process can you write down and check-off so you can get to your work, your art, your flying, more quickly?

If you enjoyed this episode and you can think of someone else who might benefit from these thoughts it would be great if you forwarded this along to them. You’ll help both them and the podcast in one simple step. 

Thanks for listening and remember, you won’t get the art without the work and you won’t do the work without the spark.